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Vaillant Remanufactured Main Printed Circuit Board 130837 EcomaxPRO 18 28E

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Vaillant Remanufactured Main Printed Circuit Board 130837 EcomaxPRO 18 28E
***** Telephone Transaction Only *****

Exchange Only
This PCB is strictly for sale on an exchange basis only, upon receiving your order we will send out your new Remanufactured PCB with a RETURNS LABEL so you can send back your defective PCB to us Free Of Charge. 

There will be a 30% deposit charge required for this fan which will be refunded upon the return of your faulty fan.

The fan comes with a RE-CARE 3 Year Warranty.

The products and solutions offered by Reman Parts are proven, well used and successful.

Reman Parts are confident in their remanufactured product quality and reliability, therefore the PCBs and fans come with a RE-CARE 3 year warranty from date of delivery.

Vaillant Remanufactured Fan Ecotec 193593
This PCB is a returned product, which has undergone a professional and comprehensive revision process. This Remanufactured PCB hasn't just been repaired, refurbished or reconditioned....remanufacturing is far more extensive than simply reworking parts.

During the professional remanufacturing process, all of the wear-sensitive parts are replaced, whether they are defective or not. The PCB has been thoroughly inspected and cleaned in accordance with pre-defined procedures. Each part will be subject to a 100% functionality test, in accordance with the original manufacturer’s specification.

What is Remanufacturing ?
Remanufacturing has been defined in the British Standard, BS 8887-2, as a process "returning a used product to at least its original performance with a warranty that is equivalent to or better than that of the newly manufactured product”.

The inclusion of the remanufacturing definition in a UK nationally recognised standard is the first step in enabling remanufacturing to be recognised as a viable option for reducing both the environmental impact and the overall cost of products.

For more info about Reman-Parts please refer to: